Tips to Baking Excellent Cookies

Tips to Baking Excellent Cookies
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Kids love cookies, I love cookies. Well, Yes .. We all love cookies. My personal favorite is the farmhouse cookies I make. Whats’s your favorite ?? 

Cookies can be very finicky. We bakers go through all of it and know how each batch may turn out to be very different from the other. In this post, I am going to give you a couple of tips that yields some excellent cookies if kept in mind while baking. Your not going to get them flat, soft or even burnt if you keep these steps in mind


Here we go, 


Yes.. I first thought of getting started with ingredients but one of the most common and major reasons for you to go wrong is with the baking. Like I always say every oven is different and you need to learn yours well. But some essential steps to keep in my mind are as follows 

-Bake cookies in the middle rack 

-always line your cookie trays with butter paper or parchment paper to avoid extra browning 

-Invest in an oven thermometer to know if your cookies are baking at the right temperature

-The baking time for cookies will reduce after every batch you bake as the humidity in the oven increases 

-Make sure to bake them only till light brown at the base of the cookie

-Do not open the oven often while the cookies are being baked 



Some of the most basic ingredients of any cookie recipe is butter, sugar & flour. Its essential you work with these in the right manner.  Make sure to have all the ingredients at room temperature but most of all the butter at room temperature. If the butter has been microwaved and seems to be liquidy, this will tend to soak up more of the dry ingredients while mixing. This will lead to flat cookies once baked. 

Work towards beating the butter and sugar together until well combined and fluffy. However do not over beat, this will lead to uneven flat cookies once baked 

Weigh your flour accurately and combine it with the other ingredients. Lesser amount of flour will give space for more wetness, making the dough consistency incorrect and will of course lead to cookies you not looking for


#Chill the dough before baking 

One of the most essential steps while baking cookies is to make sure to chill the dough before diving them into chunks and baking.  Refrigerating the dough before baking helps to get the right cookie texture you looking for. It also helps to avoid the cookies from spreading. Chilling the cookie dough also makes it easier to work with if your looking at cutting them into shapes before baking. We normally refrigerate the cookie dough for at least an hour before baking however if you are in a haste you can even freeze the mixture for 20 mins and then bake the cookies.


#Choosing the right recipe 

Each cookie recipe is different and you can expect different results every time you bake. First, decide what type of cookie you looking for. Chewy, crunchy, soft, etc. Once you know what type of cookie you looking for only then will you start searching for a recipe which suits your needs best. I love crunchy biscuity cookies that is why I stick on to the farmhouse cookies I make 



More suggestions,

-Use excellent quality ingredients 

-Make sure to check baking powder before using, if not good the cookies may not bake well

-Let cool completely before decorating

-Do not keep them open for a long time once cooled, keep in an air tight container as cookies may tend to get soft

-Leave at least 2 inches gap between each cookie while baking 

-Make sure to preheat oven each time you plan to bake them 



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